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Wilderness Trip Packing Lists

Below are links to packing lists specific to each trip we run. Campers are usually in camp for a day at the begining and end of each trip and campers will have a space to keep gear in camp that they do not want to bring on the trip. To help keep track of items we encourage that you mark all belongings with your camper’s name in permanent marker. It is also smart to pack together so the camper knows what is packed and where it is located. 

What to leave at home

As with all of our camp programs we ask that campers leave cell phones, iPods, electronic games, non-prescription drugs (unless given to Health Supervisors, see Medication below), knives, and weapons at home.  As personal belongings can be lost or broken, we discourage packing valuable items.

Links to Packing Lists
Canoe Trip Packing List
Backpacking Packing List
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