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Application & Hiring Process Resources

We are looking for applicants with:

  • Enthusiasm for providing meaningful experiences to campers

  • Variety of experiences working with youth (babysitting, coaching, mentoring, etc.)

  • Lifeguard certifications or enrolled in a course

    • Life guarding experience

  • Leadership experience

  • Hobbies/skill sets that are camp related (sailing, guitar, singing, canoeing, improv, etc.)

General interview preparation:

  • Why did you apply to work camp?

  • What experiences do you have working with kids?

    • List all different experiences and give specifics like age, how many kids, activities​, etc.

  • What do you hope to contribute to camp?

  • What skills or interests do you have that will translate well to camp?

  • We will ask you to reflect on your own experiences to best answer each question. Your application has given us a good background and we are now looking to learn more about your character and judgment based on your previous experiences.

  • Review your life experiences with friends and family. We are looking for situations that speak to your character, teaching opportunities, and work with youth.

Interview basics

  • Dress up

  • Arrive early

  • Show enthusiasm

  • Answer the questions asked

  • Give specific examples

  • Follow up


  • Follow up with references to confirm they have completed the online form​

  • Have a voicemail set up with a professional greeting

Note for parents: we ask that only the applicant contact us regarding employment questions.

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