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Entering grades 8 - 10 

Teen Week expands on the traditions and fun of Camp’s main sessions. Teen Week sessions are focused around a campwide ‘Olympic’ competition. Cabins are grouped into teams who work together all week. The teams prepare an opening ceremony full of songs, skits, costumes, and motivational speeches. A wide variety of competitions are spread out over the following days. With events utilizing skills from athletic to artistic to the most obscure, there is an opportunity for everyone to shine at a skill they have and find new hidden talents. 


Teen Week still has many of the same afternoon games and evening activities as Main Camp along with more time for cabin and team campfires.


Olympic Events

Events may include: norske, stupid human tricks, pirate battle, cricket, archery, crying, slip n’ slide, basketball, chameleon, air band, critter catching, impressions, firebuilding, log rolling, soccer, fishing, ultimate frisbee, song writing, interpretive dance, belching, fort building, chalk drawing, and more! 


Braveheart Battleball

One of the last competitions of the week is a campwide game of Braveheart battleball. This version of our classic camp game can only be experienced at Teen Week and, only then, on Friday. 

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