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Arrival & Departure

Arrival Procedures 

Ensure your camper eats a filling meal before arriving to check-in at camp. Upon arrival, head to the Main Lodge area to begin check-in. Please do not arrive early as our staff members are preparing camp for the session.  


1. Check-in 

To facilitate a smooth check-in process and to manage with limited parking space we ask that families arrive no earlier than the time listed below based on camper's last name. If you are carpooling or have campers in the same family with different last names you may use the earlier time. It is okay to come later than the listed time, but please don't come early.

All campers will be checked in before going to their cabins. We will ask a few questions regarding health and complete any unfinished registration requirements.

Tentative check-in times for 2024:

A-D 6:00p.m

E-H 6:15p.m

I-L 6:30p.m

M-P 6:45p.m

Q-T 7:00p.m

U-Z 7:15p.m


2. Health Screening 

We will ask about your camper’s current health during our check-in. Please turn in medications and discuss any special needs regarding your camper with the Health Supervisor. 

3. Mail and Packages

You can drop off mail and packages in a designated spot during check in. It is helpful if you write their cabin name on the item. If you’d like items to be given to the camper on certain days please write deliver date.

4. Camp Store

Once through check-in you can stop by the camp store to put money on your campers store account if you haven't already deposited money online. Campers have the opportunity to visit our store throughout the week. We offer snacks, apparel, postcards and stamps, along with other items. Campers typically bring between $20 and $30 to put on their store account. 


5. Visit Cabin

Meet your camper’s counselors and discuss any needs your camper may have. Please keep your goodbyes short and sweet so your camper can start connecting with their new cabin-mates. Counselors will help your camper settle in.


Departure Procedures 

1. Check-out 

Check-out is between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM on the closing Saturday of each session. 

2. Sign-out Camper 

Campers will only be released to someone on the authorized pickup list. This can be updated online or give us a call ahead of time. During drop off you can add a name to the list by giving it to the camper's counselor directly.

3. Store Money and Medications

Unused store money and medications will be returned to your camper on pick-up day.


Early Pick-Up

We want all campers to have the opportunity to enjoy everything we offer but we can make accommodations for early departure times. Please notify your camper’s counselor during drop-off time when you wish to pick up your camper so that we can prepare for early departure.


Lost and Found

All unclaimed lost and found items will be displayed in front of the Main Lodge during the check-out time. Items left in the lost and found will be kept for three days after the session. Beyond that time they will be donated or thrown away.


Pet Policy 

For the safety of others, please do not bring your pets to camp. If it is necessary to bring pets, please leave them in the car.

Arrival Times

(No supper served; snack will be provided for campers)


Main Camp 

Monday between 6:00 & 7:30pm


Teen Weeks 

Sunday between 6:00 & 7:30 pm

Mini Camp 

Tuesday between 6:00 & 7:30 pm

Departure Times

(Breakfast will be served for campers)

All Sessions

Saturday between 9:00 & 10:00 am


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