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Is Camp the Right Fit?

Below is information to consider if you are unsure if you child is ready to attend camp.

Participant Eligibility

Main Session campers entering grades 3-7 , Mini Session campers entering grades 2-5, and Teen Week campers entering grades 8-10 with an exception of a 1 grade swing either direction for accommodating circumstances approved by Admin Staff. Physical limitations at camp are cabins not being handicap accessible and staff are not trained to support a participant with these needs. If you have other eligibility requirements please reach out and we can discuss accommodation options. 


Experience Away From Home

Children who have spent several nights away from home are good candidates for overnight camp. For most kids, camp is the longest they have spent away from home so we recommend they have some previous experience. Our Mini Session is a great way to ease into the camp experience.


Camp Environment

Camp can be a chaotic and loud environment, full of energy and excitement. Camper’s comfort level can range in this kind of atmosphere. There is a daily schedule but within it activities can vary. Some campers thrive with the flow of camp while others are more anxious with the schedule being somewhat unpredictable.


Every camper should feel a sense of belonging at camp, where they can be proud of who they are.

As a part of the YMCA Chippewa Valley, Camp Manitou shares in the mission to strengthen community for all.


Still Not Sure?

Check out the rest of the Parent Handbook or contact us to discuss if your child is the right fit for camp!



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