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Rules and Regs

Camp Manitou is FOR ALL. To us, for all means we are continuously working together to provide positive, life-changing experiences for all members of our community. One way we do so is by asking all staff and campers to follow a few camp and cabin rules. It is up to each of us to do our part to keep Camp Manitou a safe space for all. 

Camp Rules
  • Be nice to each other; at Camp we are all friends. Bullying is not accepted. 

  • Be respectful to Camp! Pick up after yourself and clean up any trash you see outside. Treat all buildings and plants with care! 

  • Wear shoes at all times on land! When playing any running games put on your close-toed shoes. 

  • Be kind to all Camp dogs! Pet them gently if they allow it and please no human food.

  • Only go in your cabin and common shared buildings or spaces (washhouse, dining hall, main lodge...). 

  • Stay away from the water when you are not with a counselor or at the waterfront during swim time.

  • If something is broken please don't use it! Tell a counselor or someone who works at Camp so we can get it fixed. 

  • Only make fires in designated fire rings and make sure a counselor is present! 

  • If you see someone at Camp who looks like they don't work here, find a counselor or other staff member and let them know right away! 

  • If the bell keeps ringing and ringing and ringing and ringing and ringing – you need to stop, drop everything and run to the main lodge!

Cabin Rules
  • Be kind, respectful, and compassionate to others in and outside of the cabin. 

  • Always use the 3 person buddy system when not with a counselor. 

  • Work as a team. 

  • Make safe and responsible choices. 

  • Ask others before you touch their belongings. 

  • Treat property with respect; no writing on the bunks, walls, etc. 

  • Clean up after yourself. 

  • All food goes in the snack bin. 

  • No cell phones, matches, lighters, fireworks, knives, blades, medications (prescription and OTC), or weapons. Campers must turn them into a counselor, and they can have them at the end of the week.


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