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Health & Safety

Accident/Illness & Emergency Treatment 

If your camper has a serious accident or illness or requires medical treatment by a physician, you or your emergency contact will be notified immediately. In non-emergency situations, you will be notified after your camper shows signs of illness that persist for 24 hours. If a visit to a clinic is needed, we will make the necessary travel arrangements and implement follow-up care in our Health Center. However, medical expenses incurred are your responsibility. 



No medication will be accepted unless it is in the original container and properly labeled, including:

  • Camper’s name 

  • Prescription number 

  • Identification of the medication 

  • Proper dosage 

  • Date it was dispensed 

  • Complete instructions for use 

  • Prescribing doctor’s name 


All medications must be turned into the Camp Health Supervisor during registration. This includes prescriptions, vitamins, and over the counter medications. All unused medications will be given back on pickup day. Medications will be administered before breakfast and bedtime unless specialized times are required. We supply over-the-counter medications for common ailments and illness. If a camper needs medication to be successful at school, they should stay on the medication while at camp. This compliments the American Academy of Pediatrics’ statement.


If your camper requires unique medical attention or drug administration please contact the Camp Director to discuss if we can accommodate your camper’s needs.



Please notify us on the Health Form and on the Camper Information Sheet if your camper has any insect, food, or medication allergies. We recommend discussing any allergies with your camper’s counselor upon arrival.


Behavior Management 

All staff members are experienced and well-trained in positive, age-appropriate behavior management. Campers are expected to treat fellow campers and staff with respect and to abide by all camp rules which are shared on the first night of camp. Individuals are held accountable for their actions. When behavior problems continue to arise, parents will be contacted and a plan for behavior management will be developed.


In the event that a camper’s behavior does not improve after all avenues of intervention have been explored, or when one camper’s actions are detracting from the experience of others, the camper will be sent home. Some actions require immediate dismissal from camp. These actions include, but are not limited to, endangerment to self or others, threats of endangerment to self or others, all forms of bullying, use of tobacco products, and consumption or possession of alcohol and/or illegal drugs. Campers sent home because of behavior problems will not be entitled to any refund.



If your camper periodically experiences bedwetting, please let us know on the Health Form and the Camper Information Sheet and discuss it with their counselor. Our staff are trained in helping campers who have wet the bed and can discreetly wash soiled clothing and bedding.

Changing, Showers, and Bathrooms

Camp Manitou understands the need for camper privacy.  We know that when campers are respectful of others boundaries, and have appropriate supervision, anybody can be safe in any space.

  • Campers will be allowed to use the restroom/shower/changing facility that best aligns with their gender identity without question.

  • Staff will be trained in appropriate supervision practices for “vulnerable spaces” (showers, restrooms and changing areas).

  • All bathroom stalls, showers, and changing spaces will be designated as single occupancy. 

  • Swimsuits are worn in public showering areas

Dietary Restrictions 

On the Health Form please include any dietary restrictions your camper may have so we can inform the kitchen staff to make accommodations. If you are concerned about any specific needs, feel free to contact us prior to camp. 


Health Prior to Camp

Please only bring your camper if they are in good health. If your camper is sick prior to camp or on the day of check-in, please contact camp for information about late check-in.


Weather Procedures

We are conscientious regarding incoming weather patterns for the area. In bad weather situations, we take campers to a safe, secure spot which includes both of our wash houses. 

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