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Camp Pricing

We offer three different price options because we want each family to choose the rate that is most appropriate for them. No special paperwork is required. The price you pay does not change the experience your camper receives. 


  • Tier A-This price most accurately reflects the full cost of camp, taking into account basic upkeep, depreciation, and facility/program improvements.

  • Tier B-This price is a rate for families who need to adjust down slightly from the true cost. 

  • Tier C-This subsidized rate is only available to YMCA members.

  • Financial Assistance- Assistance is given based on household income (see additional information below).

Family Camp A Pricing

Non Member: $125 base fee + $110/person (free for 3 and under)

Member: $75 base fee + $110/person (free for 3 and under)

Sharing Discount: If two families share a cabin we waive 50% of the base fee

Financial Assistance

We believe everyone should have an opportunity to experience Camp Manitou. We will work with families to make this happen. The cost of camp is based on the scale shown below. 

How do I apply?

During the online registration process you will be asked to select a tier price. Select the financial assistance option. This will then only require a $25 deposit to check out. After you register you will receive an email with your next steps which are outlined below.


If you are a YMCA of the Chippewa Valley member on financial assistance we will adjust the cost of camp based on your current financial assistant rate. We will need the USDA Summer Food Service Program form completed before we make the adjustment. Instructions on how to complete the form can be found here.


If you are not a YMCA of the Chippewa Valley member you will need to fill out the YMCA financial assistance paperwork as well as the USDA Summer Food Service Program form. To apply for financial assistance please fill out the Financial Assistance Form. 

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