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Program Leader Position


This position works as a pair and is responsible for the overall resident camp program, activities and events. Responsible for the organization and leadership of daily programs, skill periods, and evening activities. 


  • Assist Camp Director and other Support Staff in organizing overall program and structure.

  • Determine day to day staff schedules for skill periods and interest choice activity schedules.

  • Plan and implement evening and afternoon activities.

  • Exhibit leadership and communication in dealings with staff members to ensure high quality and safety standards.

  • Provide staff leadership training and orientation.

  • Aid administrative staff in overall management of camp operation.

  • Supervise all resident counseling staff.

  • Maintain professional appearance, attitude and demeanor for duration of employment.

  • Maintain camper's wellbeing and safety when in public or working with public providers.

  • Write and give counselor evaluations on their last week.

  • Be constantly aware of surrounding areas to maintain high safety and quality standards in all camp activities and programs.

  • All Support Staff are highly involved with the camper experience throughout their contracted stay at Camp Manitou. This involves supporting counselors in varying activity areas and evening activities, as well as responsibility for the care and wellbeing of all campers.

  • Other duties that support other Support Staff areas.


Qualifications- Required​

  • Must have an exemplary driving record.

  • Attend and assist in staff training

  • Upon hire, obtain certifications in CPR/AED/First Aid 


Qualifications- Preferred

  • Recommended to be 21 years of age

  • Lifeguard Certification

  • Boaters safety certification

  • USA Archery Level 1 Instructor certification, Archery Education Resources Camp Archery Instructor certification or similar certification

  • exemplary driving record with a commitment to take vehicle safety course at camp in order to drive camp vehicles

*We strongly prefer candidates to have at least 3 of the 5 qualifications

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