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Health Supervisor Position


This position works as a pair and is responsible for providing first aid care for campers and staff, overseeing the administration of medications to campers and staff, coordinating visits to a physician when needed, monitoring health and cleanliness standards, and organizing medical forms.



  • Collect all camper and staff medications, lock them up and distribute as prescribed.

  • Check all campers for communicable diseases, health problems, and illnesses as directed in the written health procedures.

  • Maintain all camper and staff health forms.

  • Maintain daily treatment log.

  • Perform Cabin Checks each morning to ensure that all cabins meet safety and health requirements.

  • Be available to assist with all First Aid certified staff in providing care for campers.

  • Be readily available at games and all activities for first aid emergencies and other contingencies.

  • Secure proper treatment for campers and staff requiring a doctor or hospital’s attention.

  • For camping trips within Camp Manitou property ensure accompanying staff have necessary first aid information, plan for administering camper medications, and a First Aid kit.

  • Contact and notify camper's primary contact if physician’s attention or overnight stay in the infirmary is required.

  • Issue written review to staff members of campers requiring medication and special conditions of which staff must be aware.

  • Fill out Incident Report Forms and Workman’s Compensation Forms as necessary and file with Camp Administration.

  • Observe and advise on health, disease, sanitation and cleanliness issues.

  • Maintain and record all first aid materials, over-the-counter medications and general supplies in the infirmary and in first aid kits throughout camp.

  • Ensure that infirmary is in compliance with State and American Camping Association codes.

  • Supervise and assist in all Emergency Action Procedure drills and practices.

  • Ensure that all staff are aware of and follow all Camp Health Policies.

  • Maintain professional appearance, attitude and demeanor for duration of employment.

  • Be constantly aware of surrounding areas to maintain high safety and quality standards in all camp activities and programs.

  • Maintain camper's wellbeing and safety when in public or working with public providers.

  • Other job-related duties as may be necessary to carry out the responsibilities of this position.

  • All Support Staff are highly involved with the camper experience throughout their contracted stay at Camp Manitou.  This involves supporting counselors in varying activity areas and evening activities, as well as responsibility for the care and wellbeing of all campers.

  • Other duties that support other Support Staff areas.

Qualifications- Required​

  • Must have an exemplary driving record.

  • Attend and assist in staff training

  • Upon hire, obtain certifications in CPR/AED/First Aid and additional courses required by the state for the Health Supervisor position


Qualifications- Preferred

  • Recommended to be 21 years of age

  • Lifeguard Certification

  • Boaters safety certification

  • exemplary driving record with a commitment to take vehicle safety course at camp in order to drive camp vehicles

*We strongly prefer candidates to have at least 3 of the 4 qualifications

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