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Manitou Alumni

Camp Alumni often tell us that their Manitou experience is one of their most impactful and treasured memories. In this section, you’ll find a variety of ways to stay connected, get involved, support our mission and keep in touch, and receive updates.

Get Connected

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Share Manitou Memories

Everyone's experience at camp is unique which is why we love hear your personal Manitou memories. It helps up document camp's history and better share the impact camp has had over many generations. Contact us at if you'd like to email, chat on the phone, zoom, or meet up for coffee to share your favorite camp stories!

Camp Visits

And be sure to visit us whenever you are in the area! We welcome the opportunity to share your camp memories and show you Manitou as it is today. While some of our facilities and activities may have changed, you’ll discover that our mission and spirit are still going and growing strong! Contact us at to set up a visit date!


Whether you volunteer your time and talents or make a monetary contribution, your gift to Camp Manitou helps promote our mission, provide financial assistance, maintain the highest quality staff and facilities, and ensure that Manitou will continue to challenge and inspire our community for generations to come.

100th Anniversary

Camp was founded in 1923 which means the 100th anniversary is right around the corner! We are in the planning stages of ways to celebrate this big milestone. If you are interested in joining our 100th Anniversary Planning Committee contact us at


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