COVID-19 Plans

We are looking forward to this summer and wanted to share with you some of our plans to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading at camp. We have gathered information and recommendations on how to best run camp from the CDC, American Camp Association, and our network of YMCA summer camps. We will continue to evaluate our plan and adjust to new information that comes out. Many of the articles online that refer to CDC guidelines for summer camps are covering the recommendations for a day camp setting. You can find their guidance specific to overnight camp at the end of the CDC page, located HERE.

We are excited for summer and believe we can follow these recommendations and still run programs that provide kids a warm, welcoming, and fun camp experience. If you are not comfortable with our plan or with what we are asking campers to do, you will be able to receive a full refund. 

UPDATES 6/2/2021

Based on updated CDC guidance we have updated our policy on mask use outside: In general, people do not need to wear masks when outdoors. However, campers will be asked to wear a mask during activities that involve sustained close contact with people who are not in their cabin group.

Pre Camp & Testing 

Campers and families will be encouraged to follow CDC travel guidelines and to limit their exposure in the 14 days leading up to a session. If a camper tests positive or has been exposed to COVID-19, please contact us. We have reserved some spaces in sessions so we can hopefully reschedule their reservation later in the summer. 


Campers who are not fully vaccinated are required to get a negative COVID-19 test prior to attending camp. It is preferred if the test is within 3 days of the start of camp, but within 5 days will be accepted if the camper limits exposure risk between the test and the start of camp. 


Campers and staff who have had a positive viral test in the 3 months prior to starting camp, and have met the criteria to end isolation, do not need to be tested for COVID-19 if they are able to provide documentation.


Campers who are fully vaccinated (two weeks after final dose) do not need to be tested. Proof of vaccination must be shown.

Arrival & Cabin Group Cohorts

Check-In and Check-Out will have updated procedures to speed up the process and limit the number of people on site at one time. Parents will be asked to not enter cabins.


Upon arrival at camp, campers will be assigned to their cabin. The CDC considers this group of people who are sharing a sleeping space at overnight camp a ‘household cohort’. When only members of the cabin group are together, they do not need to wear masks or physically distance themselves.


Campers will be required to wear masks when indoors with people outside their cabin group. In general, people do not need to wear masks when outdoors. However, campers will be asked to wear a mask during activities that involve sustained close contact with people who are not in their cabin group. Campers should bring more than one mask to camp and be prepared to keep it with them at all times. We will have additional masks on hand.


Cabin groups will eat outside on picnic tables. If meals are required to be indoors due to weather, cabin cohorts will be distanced at least 12 ft from other cabin cohorts and with limited capacity in buildings.

Schedule and Programming

We have lowered our session capacities. We will utilize outdoor spaces for activities and limit times when campers are in close proximity. When they are near people from outside their cabin group, campers will wear masks. 


Here our some sample scenarios at camp and our current plans for modifications:

Swim: Campers do not need to wear masks while swimming and on the waterfront. Swim buddies must be from the same cabin. Number of campers on swim equipment and in any given area will be limited. 

Boating: Campers must be from the same group to sail or paddle boat together. Campers do not need to be from the same group or wear a mask while canoeing together. Paddleboards and kayaks are used solo, so no masks are needed. 

Store: We will limit the number of campers in the store and they must wear masks. We will sell snacks and drinks to campers outside so they don’t need to go into the store for those items. 

Hobby Sessions: Campers will be outside or wear masks if they need to be inside.

Rainy Day/Indoor activities: Modifications will be made to limit the number of people inside together. Masks will be required and there will be distance between cabin groups.

Storm emergencies: Campers will go to our storm-shelter locations. Campers must wear a mask. Additional masks will be stored in each location should a camper not have one. Campers will sit near their cabin group. 

Health Care

If anyone is suspected of having COVID-19 or being exposed to COVID-19 they will be tested. Camp Manitou is able to provide rapid antigen tests on-site. Should anyone at camp test positive, all close contacts, including the cabin group will be asked to be picked up. If a camper tests positive after a session, all close contacts will be notified.


You can cancel your session for a refund at any time prior to the start of a session, but please inform us as soon as possible so we can open up your spot for another camper to attend. For the 2021 season, we are able to refund deposits upon request, by emailing

Should we choose to cancel a session prior to its start, we will offer a full refund.

More Information

Watch our webinar for 1st time parents & guardians and our COVID-19 protocols HERE!