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Camp Manitou is FOR ALL.

To us, for all means we are continuously working with our Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion committee and others to make adjustments and review policies, procedures, and practices to identify ways we can provide positive, life-changing experiences for all members of our community.

Diversity & Inclusion Mission Statement

As a part of the YMCA of the Chippewa Valley, Camp Manitou shares in the mission to strengthen community for all. Our efforts to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion in our programs and policies are essential to providing a safe space where everyone feels a sense of belonging and is empowered to be their authentic self. Our expectation is that all members of the Camp Manitou community will act with intentionality to achieve this mission.

Inclusion Policy Introduction

The purpose of our policies are to inform all persons associated with YMCA Camp Manitou of the expectations that support a welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment and how our stance on inclusion will be operationalized in our programs so that all community members have equitable access to safety while participating at Camp.


YMCA Camp Manitou welcomes all participants. Our goal is to promote kindness and consideration for all people in the camp community. We strive to ensure that everyone, regardless of ability, age, cultural background, ethnicity, faith, gender, gender expression, gender identity, ideology, income, national origin, race, or sexual orientation, feels welcomed, affirmed, supported, and has the opportunity to reach their full potential with dignity and respect.


All participants are expected to respect other people, including campers, family members, guests, and Camp Manitou employees. We will not tolerate emotional or physical abuse or sexual harassment. Participants must be responsible for themselves and their actions. It is not acceptable in our community to mock, bully, harass, intimidate, or attempt to exclude people. Participants and guests are expected to practice respect, cooperation, and compromise within camp. For the protection of every participant, we reserve the right to deny or cancel the enrollment of, or immediately dismiss any participant, without refund, as a result of any behavior which affects another participant's or guest's ability to enjoy the community of camp, or seriously disrupts our program. Parents, legal guardians, or group leaders will be notified of our decision to terminate a minor's participation at camp.


To see our full policy click here.

Land Acknowledgment 

YMCA Camp Manitou respectfully acknowledges that the Anishinaabe People were the original inhabitants and cared for the Anishinabewaki territory that camp currently occupies. We recognize the perseverance and survival of Indigenous communities, who continue to live throughout this region. We recognize the importance of building sustainable relationships with our Indigenous communities and strive to be responsible stewards of the sacred nature of their homelands. This acknowledgement demonstrates a commitment towards our work to educate our camp community about this land and our relationships with it and each other. 


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